Monday, February 15, 2010

Gym Deception

Staying healthy is one thing. Going to the gym is another. Spending unproductive hours trying to burn off those calories from excessive input in the first place is just worsening the vicious cycle. So many resources are squandered on the almost pointless running on a treadmill and lifting those iron bars.

Why not considering spending time and energy doing something to burn off excess energy and at the same time contribute to something meaningful? How about helping to build the much needed shed for an old folks home or cleaning up the compound of an orphanage? That would mean a lot of sweating it out if you ask me.

Not to oversimplify matters, wouldn't that be better than going to the gym, not to mention savings on the monthly membership fee which I do not think is an insignificant amount to many.

The professional CONsultants will say, “When you pay, you get the motivation.” What a good way of saying, give me your money and perhaps you will feel the pinch to start coming.” What they did not utter would be, “Whether you come or not, the money is already in my hands. Loser!”

“I can't build specific muscles doing chores. I can't have that toned body I always desired by doing voluntary work.” Yes, it's true. This leads to another question. You are now saying that going to the gym is not merely to stay healthy, but to look more attractive. Good. We all love aesthetically appealing things, animate or not, but so much effort and time invested on looking good? Hope you find your investment worthwhile, ultimately.

Gym is a good place to meet like-minded people. Of course. Birds of feather flock together. Good for the Mary's, aged predators and their willing preys as well as the 'got it flaunt it', one-kind.

Yes, there are those who genuinely go to the gym because they have specific physical needs, e.g. past injury that needs specific attention. It's a good and probably the most convenient way for you to get well. I am glad that gym has provided an avenue for you.

Of course there are also others who benefit from the convenience of having a place to unwind and a good shower before appointments. There are also others who swear that gym has turn their life around for the better. I am ignorant cause I have never signed up for any gym membership. Enlighten me. To me it seems like a 'neutral' place where in fact we are just wasting our life away. I have my reservations that this is the even one of the ways to care for the temple of the Holy Spirit.

So, what's your reason for going to the gym today? To be a celebrity in the making, truly fit or is it really about putting fitness first?