Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I need to love myself first before I can be loved?

Of course not. Such shallowness by motivational speakers and self help gurus annoys me over the roof.

There does not exist a person who does not love himself to a sufficient degree. When a person goes out to do things that seems foolish like wasting their life away or committing suicide we say that it's because they don't love themselves? Of course not. They love themselves so much that they want to be noticed as they feel they deserve something better in life. They felt they have not had enough love from others, they love themselves so much that they feel others are not loving them to the same extent.

When they Bible says, “Love your neighbours as yourself” it is not teaching us to love ourselves first. We don't need to learn that. It is to tell us that we should love others like how we love ourselves, to that degree, in a way that is so natural. For this love, I am learning. For this love, I am struggling to love others whom I think are so unlovable, but when I see how I love myself, I have no excuse as to why I can't love them too.


  1. of course.. you must love yourself , then you will be happy and appear to be cheerful and therefore attractive :)

  2. People you don't like or can't love are people who reflect the qualitiy in you that you don't like about yourself. So you think you dislike this person because he's selfish, well because he reflects the selfishness in you that's why you don't like him. So, "love your neighbor as yourself" has great wisdom in it. If you can't love your own bad quality, you can't love your neighbor. Therefore, I always maintain this, homophobics are people who are struggling with their own homosexual urges that's why they hate homosexuals so much.