Monday, March 1, 2010

Love Springs Eternal

Able to escape it all in the high mountains of Kundasang and the beautiful beaches of nexus, sutera and manukan have been what I would say, a great RELIEF! I need not to be on high alert fielding questions about oh, when will you start giving ang pows instead, something that never fail to evoke in me a mixed feelings of awkwardness and withholding...holding back from letting them know that I am really not dismissing the fact that I would remain single. It's my prayer for faith and obedience that I know He will help me grow to understand as his plans unfold.

I want to reinstate that I don't believe we need to SEEK the will of God. It's not something that God has hidden from us. We need not look for it. Living in the limits of time and space, God will according to his pleasure, unfold his eternal will which He has preordained before time and space. We just SEEK for God's pleasure and I likened this to the joy of actively pursuing your loved one, to discover and do what pleases him as you get to know him more and more each passing moment. It's so wonderful being able to know and reciprocate a love that is pure and not self seeking. A foretaste of loving joy in eternity!

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