Sunday, August 12, 2012

愛是不保留 (Love Unreserved) - My English Version

A song was playing in my head on the long flight back home and I wanted to share it with my travel buddy but since he could not understand Cantonese, I scribbled an English lyric to the popular song 愛是不保留 (Love Unreserved).

愛是不保留 (Love Unreserved)
Composer:盧永亨          English Lyrics: Samuel Chew

The love that we seek will come to pass,
Have you loved so deep that it last?
We live each hour hoping one day we’ll find
Enduring love, through all time

Since I have been found by love divine,
Worthless am I yet He is mine,
Transcending love, unchanging, unreserved
How could I ever this love deserve?

O Lord, why have you come to suffer the cross?
The God of Love has come to seek and save the lost
See from his head, his sides, his nail pierced hands
The Lamb of God who takes away my sins

I've nothing worthy for my Lord to bring,
Grant me grace and mercy as the cross I cling
There’s nothing more precious for me to strive
Than to glorify you all my life!

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